My devices work with the Rear USB Ports Acer Predator XB273U Monitor

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I have been using an Acer Predator monitor XB273U since Oct 2020 with no problems. In all this time, I've only have ever used the left-hand side USB ports. Recently, I tried to connect a gaming controller and a USB Microphone to the rear USB ports, but neither shows up and neither functions with programs that they function with when connected to the Left-Hand monitor USB ports. I notice that the plastic guides on the left-hand side ports are blue and the plastic guides on the rear USB ports are white. Does that mean that the left-hand ports are USB 3.0 and the rear ports are USB 2.0? If so, is this a possible cause of why neither of my devices work with the rear USB ports? Thanks for the community support.

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    All four ports are connected internally as one USB hub, so as long as you have the USB-B port (blue, funny shape) on the back connected to the computer and four should work. They should all be USB 3.0, but that shouldn't matter since USB 3.0 devices would just downshift to USB 2.0 speeds if plugged into an older port.

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    I tried again today. All devices work with left-hand port on edge of monitor. None of the devices work with the rear ports. I've ordered a powered Sabrent USB 3.0 10 port hub, so that should provide me with all the ports I require. Thanks for the prompt response.