Acer Predator Helios 300 It keeps going to battery mode. How can I fix this?

Chris5Davis Member Posts: 4 New User

Acer Predator Helios 300:

After using the laptop plugged in at home for over 3 years, the power cord will not stay engaged. It keeps going to battery mode. How can I fix this?

Also, I have the touch pad set up so that I click it. Now a single or double left click usually requires at least two attempts. How can this be fixed?

The first problem is by far the more important one.

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  • Puraw
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    If the DC port of your laptop or the adapter plug pin looks damaged or does not fit properly (loose/burned), consider buying a new power adapter or bring your laptop to Acer Services in your country to replace the DC port.

  • Chris5Davis
    Chris5Davis Member Posts: 4 New User

    A visual inspection of both the DC port of the laptop and the adapter plug pin does not reveal this, although it may still be the case. The more that I fiddle with it to make sure that it is in, the more likely it is to permanently loosen it. Another thought is maybe these need to be cleaned. Is there a way to do this?

  • StevenGen
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    What seems to happens when a charger/adaptor plug doesn’t stay in the laptop DC-IN port, its because the laptop power port has its internal surrounding negative pins pushed in and it can’t secure the adaptors plug in the port, what must have happened is that these negative prongs have flattened out and are not securing the adaptors plug in the laptop port.

    What you need to do is turn your laptop out, preferably disconnect the laptops battery, and get a small screwdriver and pry the negative pins out so that they secure the adaptors plug, its a simple job, if the laptop power port is damaged then you need to replace this DC In port.

  • Chris5Davis
    Chris5Davis Member Posts: 4 New User

    StevenGen, thank you for your informative response. I suspect that it is the solution. Given my current situation, it will take me some time to investigate it.

  • billsey
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    Which Predator Helios 300 model do you have? Your full model number is usually on the same sticker as your serial number, it should look something like PH3xx-xxx-xxxx. They have been making PH3 models for several years now and without knowing just which yours is we can't give more detail suggestions. With some of them the DC input socket is connected to the motherboard via a cable and where it mounts to the case might be allowing it to move.

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  • Chris5Davis
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  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 29,225 Trailblazer

    OK, on your model there is a daughter board with a metal bracket holding it in place:

    You might verify the bracket is still held solidly by the screws, and the board doesn't have any wiggle room.

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  • egydiocoelho
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    Do you have a multimeter to test the dc output? There must be approximately 19v at the output of the power adapter.
    You can also run a continuity test on the computer's dcin jack port. To do this, turn off the computer and disconnect the lithium battery. Then, put the multimeter on continuity or diode test and do this:
    a) place the black tip on the negative (ground) part of the dcin and the red tip on a metal part of a usb port. It has to beep.
    b) then, place the black tip on the positive part of the dcin (on the central connector) and the positive tip on any metal part of a usb port. In this case, it cannot beep. If it beeps, it indicates that the dcin is shorted.

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