Trying to figure out pieces included with my XB273K

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Simple question. What are these pieces and what are they used for? These came with my monitor and they aren't listed anywhere in the instructions of paperwork. No serial, model, or part numbers on them.

The QR code on the plastic piece lead to nothing. Acer chat support couldn't help out. There's no email support. No unboxing I've found goes over these (I found one, and someone thought the metal piece was a cable organizer) so I'm out of options here.

Any thanks would be appreciated.


  • billsey
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    The metal gizmo allows you to use a standard VESA mount instead of the stock base. The plastic part is a cover for that area on the back. The screws are also for the VESA mount.

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  • Zazabar
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    Thank you, I can't believe the plastic part was for the back of the monitor this whole time, lol.

    Also good to know about the VESA mount. Thanks again.