Problem With Acer Nitro 5 Windows' FIRST INSTALATION OF WINDOWS 10

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Hallo guys my name's George and i bought an Acer Nitro 5 Gaming laptop today but i tried many times to put an windows on it but it doesn't work because it's showing "not available disk to put ur windows on" So i really need some help here.

P.S. I tried with many USB Devices but didn't work it's the same with every one of them.


  • Puraw
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    Try disable VMD in BIOS and download the IRS driver from the Acer Support site for your model, follow this tutorial:

    Disable the vmd controller: (Intel® Volume Management Device)
    On clean installs, with VMD enabled you have to have the IRST driver available before Windows setup will see the drives installed.
    Download IRST driver, extract it and save it (don't install) in Desktop, during the installation process, when it asks, "Where do you want to install Windows?", you click Load driver (most probably in the lower left) and browse to the Desktop where you have saved the extracted folder, after the installation your system will recognize the SSD.

  • billsey
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    Don't disable VMD unless you know for sure you will never need any of it's features. Just install the iRST drivers from the Windows install process when it gets to that screen and the drive will appear.

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