PT314-52s Can I obtain the acer recovery media with licenses for BIOS Predatorsense software?

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I did a clean install of windows 11 and deleted the acer recovery media partition and now Predatorsense, certain touchpad drivers and BIOS-interacting software that allow keyboard backlighting to be changed are now not working or launching as application. my laptop is


''It sounds like you didn't use the Acer recovery media to reinstall Windows & revert back to Windows10. This is a shame because you have now destroyed the manufacturer recovery partition.

The Acer Recovery Media has all the Windows & Acer software including applicable licenses coded into it. Acer software needs to find the Acer licensed OEM installation of Windows to function properly.

Make sure you download the version of Predator Sense for your specific model. It will be in the Acer support page for your serial number.

Having said all that, Acer really screwed up something in their software installers for people who were silly enough to try to clean install Windows from a source other than the Acer Recovery Media. The Acer Recovery Media has some hidden (bloatware) software that also installs and eliminates any issues with PredatorSense.

PredatorSense and Care Center install as services so you won't find the executable unless you dig in the Acer install directory. I've had to restart the service to get functionality back.''

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    Acer has two versions of each utility on their support site for Windows 11. Just download the latest and install each as Administrator under Windows 11 and they should work after a reboot. No real need for the recovery media if all you need is those three apps, Predator Sense, Acer Care Center and Acer Quick Access.

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