Cannot update my Acer C250i projector

FelesMala Member Posts: 1 New User

A couple of years ago I bought the Acer c250i mini projector, as it has great specs. However, there seems to be a perfect storm of issues that are preventing it being of best use:

1. I can connect to my wifi fine, and it shows internet connection. HOWEVER, the 'update firmware' option always returns 'get information failed, check internet connection'
2. So I thought, maybe I need to get the file and update via usb, but there is no listing of firmware available to download on the acer website, or anywhere, at all.
3. So I thought I'd contact support directly, only you can't get anywhere without a serial number/SNID… lo and behold, the c250i does not have either of these numbers on it. even checked inside the remote battery casing)

I really hope someone has an answer to this, as it seems like acer made the device, (and it is still available to purchase) but are providing zero support or updates for it. Very disappointing :(


  • JackE
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    AFAIK, no official firmware updates are currently available from Acer for this model though questionable 3rd party sources might claim to offer them. Not sure what you mean by "best use"? What issues are you having with this machine that you feel a firmware update would fix?

    Jack E/NJ