Acer x35 Predator Gaming Monitor Arm/Stand?

Fizjeklidorf Member Posts: 1 New User

Is there a way to order a replacement arm+stand for the monitor in title online/without going through any unnecessary steps? The stand snapped and left part of the stand with screws inside the arm and for the life of me I cannot get them out. So I just took the arm out the back. I'd like to order one soon because that happened Tuesday and I'd really like to play on this monitor.


  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 29,956 Trailblazer

    Which X35 model do you have? Your full model number is usually on the same sticker as your serial number, it should look something like Xxx35 xxxxxx. The stands are usually available from various vendors, but it might be better to just put a VESA stand on, that would be cheaper if your model supports it.

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