ASPIRE 5750 Model p5we0 wont boot screen remains black and no ACER logo shows up.

ajitsk Member Posts: 5 New User

Hi All,

My laptop wont boot. When I switch on blue lights turns on indicating power received. Fan turns a little and goes idle. operating only on battery, only through power cable situation does not change. screen remains black and no ACER logo shows up. I connected external monitor to see if display is the problem but nothing comes up on the external display as well.

I tried switching RAM sticks with new one. opened up the laptop to reset through CMOS battery. Nothing works.

Can anyone indicate possible issues.

Thanks in advance.

[Edited the thread to add issue detail]

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  • Puraw
    Puraw ACE, Member Posts: 3,831 Pathfinder

    What Windows version do you have, did you try to upgrade to W10 or W11? There is no BIOS available for W10 or W11 only W7.

    Your BIOS may need a reset and your battery is probably dead, is this still the same battery from 12 years back?

    Replace the battery first if very old, then replace the coin battery in the CMOS capsule, check this community how to do a hard reset and Power Drain. Alternatively bring the laptop to Acer Services in your country to reset the system to factory defaults and install OEM Windows7.

  • ajitsk
    ajitsk Member Posts: 5 New User

    Thank you for the response.

    Laptop battery is new but CMOS capsule is still original. I had latest version of linux mint on the system when the problem started.

    I will check how to perform hard reset and power drain.

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 29,225 Trailblazer

    Yes, the CMOS battery is likely dead after that many years. Do you hear any beeps when turning it on? The fan behavior sounds like it might not be getting into POST…

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