AN517-42 Please help me with latest drivers

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Hello, today i bought laptop AN517-42 and i want official/original drivers. I find them but just for Windows 11 x64 and i have operating system windows 10 x64. Can someone reply with help please?
Thank you !

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  • Puraw
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    This is a Windows11 machine, if you Clean installed Windows10 on it you are in trouble as Acer won't provide drivers. if the retailer did not upgrade to Windows11 wait till the upgrade will be offered to you by Windows10 WAU, Check for Updates regularly and also check the Optional Updates option. If W10 does not work properly, bring the laptop to Acer Services in your country to reset the system to factory defaults and install OEM Windows11, a small service fee will be charged, $25 in the Philippines.

  • billsey
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    Yes, Windows 10 isn't supported with your model. It's got new enough hardware that some is not likely to have older drivers.

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