Getting rid of BSOD I have been trying to get Windows support

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Hope someone can help as I have been trying to get Windows support to help me but all they really say is that I need to reinstall Windows 11. I have been getting the BSOD and I think it might've been because I didn't shut down properly. I really don't want to have to buy a new laptop and would like to fix this. Can someone help please? I have managed to save some files that I want kept.

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  • StevenGen
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    What BSOD are you getting, give us the error details that the blue screen is displaying, as there are many BSOD errors.

  • Tessa1
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    The most frequent is systems service exception.

  • Puraw
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    I would say a rogue driver or corrupted system file(s). Boot in Safe Mode and check in Device Manager if you see any yellow exclamation marks or Unknown Devices, also check Hidden Devices. Uninstall all those drivers. Work a while in Safe Mode to find out if BSOD occurs, if not that would indicate GPU driver issues, uninstall the display drivers with DDU in Safe mode, make sure internet is working and reboot, Windows11 will reinstall the drivers. To check the system files, make sure internet is working and paste this line in the Command Prompt opened as administrator: Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and press Enter, you should get "Successfully completed" rerun if it hangs. Next type this in the same Command Prompt window: SFC /scannow and press Enter. This will repair the system files, rerun till you see "Found no integrity violations". If none of this helps, follow Microsoft's advice and Clean install Windows11.

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    Take a picture of the BSOD. There are often details in the small print that are needed to diagnose the issue.

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