Acer Care Center App Is A SCAM

EmeraldWiz Member Posts: 3 New User

Acer makes believe you have control over your system like battery charge limit. However, this app keeps on saying it is initializing and the battery charge limit keeps resetting. For some reason, this happens a few times every week. Yet Acer has done nothing to improve this crappy app and it is very annoying. Will buy some other laptop brands in the future. Acer sucks.


  • Puraw
    Puraw ACE, Member Posts: 8,225 Trailblazer

    The theory of limiting charging of a battery to preserve lifespan is the hoax, not proven and pure anecdotal. Lithium-IO batteries contain a SMART chip that diverts the adapter power after it reaches 100% charge, perfectly OK to leave you laptop plugged in 24/7. ACC has pitfalls in Windows11, hangs a lot and the driver updating interferes with Windows WAU app. The PC restore option in ACC is useful if you did not yet Clean installed Windows. I uninstalled ACC. BTW most laptop brands have this battery charge limiting app, it is industry wide and in all bloatware present.