My battery keep staying at 0 percent although my Acer nitro 5 is charging what can I do about that?

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After 2 weeks of vacation my laptop which is a Acer nitro 5 doesn't want to charge but I can still play on it or else. I checked if my battery was up to date but it is.

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  • gauthiersrgt6
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    By the way, it wasn't plugged during the vacations

  • Puraw
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    You have to reset your BIOS to factory defaults, boot to BIOS with F2 and press F9 (reset), save setting on exit and reboot. In Device Manager uninstall the 2 MS battery controllers (see picture) and make sure you are on the internet. Reboot and Windows will reinstall the battery drivers. That's it.

  • billsey
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    Which Nitro 5 model do you have? Your full model number is usually on the same sticker as your serial number, it should look something like AN5xx-xxx-xxxx. Some of them have a battery reset pinhole on the bottom. If yours does try this: disconnect everything from the laptop, including the charger. Use a SIM tool or a bent paperclip to press and hold the reset for 15 seconds. Release the reset and wait for 15 minutes or so, then plug only the power back in. Wait for the battery indication to show blue, then turn it on and see if the issue is fixed.

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