Realtek Audio Console in my Acer Extensa 215-54 showing "Cannot connect to RPC service".

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My laptop was initially in windows 10. But after upgrading to windows 11, I encountered some performance issues. So, when I came back to windows 10, I installed all the drivers, including Realtek to the latest version, except this time the Realtek Audio Console was missing. I downloaded it from Acers official website, but now when I open it, it's showing "Cannot connect to RPC service".

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  • Puraw
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    No need, compatible for W10 and W11, it is the latest version. The way it is installed is the issue.

  • mtf_samee
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    SOLVED!!!! I simply reinstalled the RTK driver. I downloaded it from Acer's official website. Then I installed the RTK Audio Console, which I also downloaded from Acer's website. The downloads were suggested by the website according to the SNID number of my laptop. I did that because the RTK Audio Control app from Microsoft Store was not installing and kept showing error for some reason. It wasn't even being found through search. That's it… Thanks you all for taking out the time to help me…