XB271HU Can i fix my own HDMI port, or alternatively run the display at 1440p through USB 3.0?

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So i use my XB271HU for both work and gaming, for work i switch to the HDMI port, however the HDMI port is not in a good state, it has had a lose connection ever since i started using it.

Is it possible to replace it myself? (its beyond warranty), or can i alternatively run the display through USB3.0 at 1440p?

It seems foolish to have to get a new monitor because of a HDMI port :).

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  • AnhEZ28
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    @mbf1234 can you use the DisplayPort as another option? Because the USB ports are just for plugging peripheral devices. If you can't use the DP, you will need to take it to an electronics shop for replacing the HDMI port.

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  • mbf1234
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    @AnhEZ28 i already use the DP port for my gaming computer, then i switch input modes.

    I guess i could get a DP switch, if they come in 165hz.

    Ill check it out, was just wondering if there was an alternative :).

  • billsey
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    It really depends on which ports are loaded with your specific XB271HU. There were lots of different models within that series. Likely the best solution, assuming your HDMI problems aren't actually cable problems, is to have a decent technician replace the port connector.

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