is my bios version P11-A1 the latest? Do i have to upgrade ?

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Manufacturer Gateway
Model SX2380 (P0)
Chipset Vendor AMD
Chipset Model K15 IMC
Chipset Revision 00
Southbridge Vendor AMD
Southbridge Model A75 FCH
Southbridge Revision 2.3
System Temperature 46 °C
Brand American Megatrends Inc.
Version P11-A1
Date 8/28/2012


  • The most recent version is this:



    BIOS - UEFI for Windows 8 (Not for Upgrades)


    3.3 MB



    Why do you want to update the bios?

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  • tomasrayin
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    thanks for your reply.

    Not sure if upgrading will make a difference to laptop performance and features. Just want to be update and not miss out !
    thanks again

  • William_mk2
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    Bios update is done only for known issues and that too with the help of technician. I dont recommend people to perform bios update unless it is recommended by manufacturer for known issues. However you can run windows update and driver update.

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