Helios 18 - Max. storage limit for the size of the nvme in the second slot?

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can someone tell me if there is a storage limit for the size of the nvme in the second slot? Would it be a problem to put in a 4TB (pci 4.0) nvme in addition to the 2TB nvme already in slot 1?

I’ve read somewhere that only 2TB are supported which confused me.

BTW: Is there some kind of spec sheet as a pdf or something for this device?? The official Acer page is very spartanic and the „manual“ is still on a very high level and does only provide very few helpful information (only useful for total laptop newbies). It really sucks that you have to search for all information on this device in some communities instead of having some clear transparent information from the manufacturer itself..

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    Are you asking about the new Predator PH18-71? As if you are these are the storage specs and as far as putting 4TB SSD, the storage capacity is governed by the format and in GUID (GPT) 4TB will work with this laptop even though the quoted storage is a max of 2TB

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    Hey all,

    I can confirm Samsung 990 Pro 4TB with Heatsink works fine in my Helios 18 laptop. Just for information, it will not fit in slot 1 due to a component on the motherboard that restricts the width to the SSD size itself. The OEM Samsung heatsink is a little wider than the SSD itself, so it won't fit. Slot 2 doesn't have the same restrictions and it fits fine.