Need Acer Engineer to Clarify how ULMB2 works on XB273UF 360HZ Monitor

Krunch Member Posts: 3 New User

When Enabling ULMB2 mode on the monitor switches to the mode. Then, after leaving menu, after 15 seconds or upon leaving the menu the monitor turns off then back on. And, shows higher brightness, ULMB2 on, and the pulse width meter is disabled.

The info screen shows the monitor running in normal mode not ULMB2 mode after this happens.

I am using a 2080ti. Is that the cause?

Does anyone else notice this with their monitor?


  • Krunch
    Krunch Member Posts: 3 New User

    To update my issue I notice it happens after the monitor comes back from screen saver. So i go into the menu enable ULMB, the monitor flashes off/no, and check the menu info and it shows it is enabled. As soon as I move the mouse on the desktop the screen goes black and comes back disabled.

  • billsey
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    In order to get feedback directly from Acer you will need to actually contact Acer. Here we are just other Acer users, the forum has no direct connection with Acer support.

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