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A few days ago, I handed in the Acer Aspire 4740G laptop to the official Acer - FastFix service center in Kyiv to replace the cooling system fan.
The previous price was announced as "up to $25", but after the repair, $40 was charged.
Detailed information on the work performed and the prices for the fan and work was not provided, and the check did not indicate - only the total price "for all".
With a fan price of $10, the price of the work is unreasonably overpriced.
Can you tell me how to file a complaint with Acer about the work of its FastFix service center in Kyiv?

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  • Puraw
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    Believe me, $40 is very reasonable charge for replacing a fan. No need to complain if your laptop is working OK.

  • Puraw
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    I checked that fan online and $10 is correct but found out also that most vendors won't ship to Ukraine:
    "This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location."

    So the shop will have to find a way around this and that involves extra shipping charges or pay a person to bring it in from abroad. I am an expat and live in the Philippines, no war but with a comparable standard of living where you live. I stay with my opinion that $40 is a reasonable charge😉

  • billsey
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    You have to contact Acer to get any help with this. These forums are for other Acer users and aren't a connection to Acer support. I would think if they advertised a $25 repair they should have charged you $25. If they advertise a $25 minimum then the $40 isn't out of line.

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