My laptop will starts hanging when charger plugged in....

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From many days I facing an issues when I use my laptop on charging then it will hang too much.

I'm very frustrating when I watch online class their video frame starts lagging too much.

But when I run laptop on battery then it will works fine.

Please help me….


I'm waiting for your response….


  • Alejandro_AC
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    Hi @DhruvChaudhary can you please indicate the exact model of your laptop and the version of Windows installed?

    Is the charger original?

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  • Puraw
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    Check the version of your BIOS on Acer Support for your model, if there is a newer version out, download that and install.

    Uninstall the 2 battery drivers with Device Manager, reboot and let Windows install the drivers.

    Check the DC voltage out of the power adapter with a multimeter, should be around 19 VDC, if much higher you need to replace your power adapter.