How to load Windows 10 using an external hard drive connected to a USB on A315-41G-R7HY laptop

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I recently found out that my internal HDD cable broke and decided to replace it with a USB to SATA 2.5 inch converter.

However, it brought me to a blue screen which said "You'll need recovery tools". After that, I asked a friend of mine to help me download Windows on a flash drive to recover my PC.

During the recovery process, my pc shows an error pop-up which says "Setup does not support configuration or installation to disks connected through USB or IEEE 1394 port".

I do not know how to find any internal HDD cables for my laptop and I just need a way to boot my PC using my HDD which is connected through USB.


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    You are talking about 2 different things: Installing a Windows ISO image from a bootable USB stick to an external HDD. The other thing is trying to boot with your old Sata boot HDD placed in an external USB case. Keep it simple and stick with booting with your old internal Sata HDD in a USB case. This is no different than booting with a USB recovery drive. You boot to BIOS with F2, move the external HDD to the top of the boot devices list in BIOS Boot tab, save settings and reboot. If the bootloader on the external HDD got corrupted earlier when the internal Sata ribbon broke you cannot boot with it anymore. Get a M.2 Sata SSD drive initialized as GPT and Clean install Windows10 on the SDD with that USB drive. Then copy your files from the external HDD to the internal boot SSD.

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    I just opened the laptop up and it the socket seems to be fit for NVMe instead.