Nitro 5 Laptop enters sleep randomly and doesnt turn back on for ages

OscarHg Member Posts: 2 New User
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It doesnt seem to be overheating, and a orange light blinks (not the battery one) during the time it turns itself off, I have a Nitro 5

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  • Puraw
    Puraw ACE, Member Posts: 3,672 Pathfinder

    You may have a low battery charge issue with that amber LED blinking, or a low sleep mode time set in Power Plan Advanced settings, change the sleep mode time to Never both on power and on battery. Check if that stops it. If no change create a Battery Report in Windows and check the Full Charge Capacity, if less than 20-30% of the Design Capacity you need to replace your battery. If you are using Acer Care Center, 80% max. battery charging, disable that feature, do not interfere with Windows ACPI charging protocol.

  • StevenGen
    StevenGen ACE Posts: 7,793 Pathfinder

    If the power idicator flashes amber your Nitro is in the S3 state mode, see this guide "How to Enable S3 Sleep State & Disable Modern Standby (SO)" and turn the S3 state off.

  • OscarHg
    OscarHg Member Posts: 2 New User

    Hi, it still seems to be randomly going into it and sometimes i literally cannot wake the machine back up. ive had to shut it off via the button multiple times due to it not waking back up. any ideas?

  • egydiocoelho
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    What is the exact model? Example: an515-55-5890.

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