Acer XV322QK-V Refresh Rate Nightmare I am still stuck with only 1920x1080@120hz.

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I swapped a previous working monitor which was 24in. Working at 1920x1080@144hz.

My new monitor is the Acer XV322QK-V, 2xHDMI, 1xDP, 1xUSB, 1xAudio.

I am using an AMD rig sporting the Asus Strix RX-570 (4gb) crossfire x2 GPUs.

The original HDMI 2.1 cable I had used for 144hz, plus the one from Acer that says it supports 8K in dual link could not get me past 1920x1080@60hz.

So I plugged in the DP cable but I am still stuck with only 1920x1080@120hz. No hardware to run 4K so I won't, same problem setting 4K resolution though.

I can get DP to run 120hz in 4K, but HDMI will only show up at 60hz. What do I need to run 144hz ??? Both GPUs have 2x DVI connectors but monitor has no such input.


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  • Rudy21
    Rudy21 ACE Posts: 1,746 Pathfinder

    Hi @Cyberat,

    Have you tried updating your graphics drivers and checked.?

    Please check and share us the detail

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  • Cyberat
    Cyberat Member Posts: 8


    Unable to do so, Windows 8.1, last driver already installed 19.10.2.

    No other Windows 7 drivers are compatible with Windows 8.1.

    I think I can go back all the way to 19.6.1 without problems but that's all I tested.

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 29,135 Trailblazer

    The monitor can certainly run at 144Hz, but I'm not sure your video card, which is five years old, can handle that bandwidth. It certainly wouldn't be able to display the higher resolutions that fast, but can the RX570 drive faster than 120Hz at 1920x1080? You might have to overclock it to get 144Hz but then you are likely pushing it past the spec.

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  • Cyberat
    Cyberat Member Posts: 8


    My 1x Card is capable as you read above I was running 144hz on a previous 24in. Sceptre at the same resolution, not going to run 2k or 4k.

    I want my 144hz@1920x1080 (aka 1K) though it does show me 144hz@1920x1200, even if capable without a crash (2K crashed), the games are going to have a field day with that odd resolution, I only play fullscreen. (1x Monitor only) Upgraded to Win 10 and running the latest AMD Drivers.

  • Cyberat
    Cyberat Member Posts: 8


    As for why ? Games with bad optimization require a higher FPS Cap to run without hiccups in low/badly optimized areas.

    (Ex. Fallout 4 & Shadows of War, just to name 2)

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