CP3271U V Narrow Gamut on a reportedly wide gamut display

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so I got a colorimeter and used the acer color calibrator software. the spec sheet on my CP3271U V says it does 98% of cpi3 however I only get like 73 percent. I dont have any color caliubration software installed or icc profiles installed for my display. Im using display port 1.4 and running from the dp port on my amd 580 video card. its not great. does anyone know if there is anything I can try to get a better result?

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  • DeaconMacMillan
    DeaconMacMillan Member Posts: 2 New User

    Making progress. I found I get a much better result after going into the video card software and disabling the color controls there. Getting 94% dcpi3 now. Getting better but I still don't know what the software is doing. I'll keep working on it

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