WHY is it impossible to verify a new email????????

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I have tried 20 times to change my old email at www.acer.com/us-en/account/ under my profile and EVERY single time it tells me the simple basic 6 digit number i have entered is incorrect. this has nothing to do with a type of acer device or any problem with it I have used my phone and several different pcs to attempt this stupid simple thing and have had negative results the entire time. This is the kind of simple thing that makes people freak out on tech support.


  • StevenGen
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    Try to do it some other time as the site might be down, hence and why this problem can happen.

  • Puraw
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    Please understand that your e-mail address is the basis for online portals' security. If you change that all your history is lost (purchase, bank records, ability to logon, product keys and subscriptions). For that reason, IT staff will be reluctant to change your original e-mail address (or delete your account) but will offer to provide a second alternative e-mail address instead. My 30-year-old Microsoft account profile still carries my old IBM e-mail address as a token I guess (domain no longer exists) but my present e-mail address is used only. This may be the case with Acer also😉

  • billsey
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    Also be aware that this forums isn't a connection to Acer support. We are all just other Acer users. To actually reach Acer you have to go through the Acer support site. They can likely get things fixed for you, but we won't know how that's done.

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