How do I fix my laptop if it's in sleep mode?

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I was just chilling out and watching some videos on my laptop but then I accidentally hit the sleep mode f1 key. And now it won't turn back on no matter what I do.


  • Puraw
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    Press the F5/F6 function keys maybe you turned off the screen. If still in sleep mode check if the amber LED light on the side is slowly flashing, that indicates sleep mode. Press the power button but not more than 1 sec. If nothing helps and the LED light is not flashing you have a Power Plan issue. Force a shut down by keeping the power button pressed for 15 seconds. Wait a while than boot to Windows. Reset your Power Plan to defaults, disable Fast Startup and select Balanced Power Plan. Also disable USB Selective Suspend in Advanced Power Plan settings.

    Press the F1 key (Zzzz) and press any key to wake up.