ambient room temperatures do matter !!@!!

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so as most of you here know, i have put as many fans in my case as possible and have done every upgrade possible to make my 5000 series run as smooth as it can and stay as cool as it can, now im in NY near Canada, and my pc is in my basement, so in the winter my forced air furnace is on, my cpu averages 48 and my gpu 54, now that its summer and very hot and my central air is cranking, those same temps are cpu 40 and gpu 50, now i did do some experimenting over the last few days with removing the front panel to see if the increased air flow helped and leaving the side glass panel off while gaming and indeed it helped, with both off my cpu was 38 and gpu 48, nothing crazy, but a few degrees cooler, so i have done all the experimenting i can think of, and just wanted to pass on how much ambient room temperature changes the temps inside the case, im sure all of you know this, but for me its all new since last summer i was 100% stock and after all my upgrades i see the differences between winter and summer in my pc gaming area in my basement, and fyi, i keep my houses thermostat at 68 degrees in both winter and summer with the same single vent open in my basement.