Having problems with my Stylus Pen for my Acer Spin SP515-51N

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I have used this stylus pen a lot since I got this Laptop, Acer Spin SP515-51N, it is what came with the laptop when I purchased it. I now was trying to use it and it is not working. I don't know if it needs batteries or not (I think it does) but I can't figure out how to change them or which one's id need when/if I change it. I have tried to unscrew the base of the stylus and can't seem to get anything to happen besides it just rotating. I have tried to press and hold the buttons to see if I can link it there. I can't find any videos or info on how to, even downloaded the user manual. I have already tried to just troubleshoot it through my laptop, I have gone into Device Manager, looked at the HID-compliant pen, I have looked for updates on those drivers and all the other drivers and it states that they are all up to date. Also, I am not having any issues with just using the touch screen or touchpad and my finger. I did look at Acer's website for Driver information and there it nothing for the stylus. I am at a loss; can someone please help me.

Laptop: Acer Spin SP515-51N

Stylus: EAN NP. STY1A.009 (according to the Acer Compatibility Chart)

*The only other thing I can think is that I am now running Windows 11 on this laptop, and all the driver info on Acer says Windows 10


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    IIRC the stylus unscrews to access the battery, which is the AAAA type (note that is smaller than the common AAA type).

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