AN515-55-56R2 Theres a problem that when i press the nitrosense key it doesnt open the app

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can you please send a download link

its windows 10

and AN515 55 56R2

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  • rjcosido
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    i forgot to add the model is n20c1

  • billsey
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    Actually the model number is as you posted in the topic, AN515-55-56R2. :) That N20C1 doesn't really map to a specific SKU except within the AN515-55 series. Which OS version are you running? You can download the Nitro Sense app for the appropriate OS version from Acer's support site. Just for the Drivers and Manuals section, enter the AN515-55 model number, select your OW version and click on the Applications tab. They have different versions for W10 and W11…

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