USB-C charger for SWIFT 3 SF316-51 Would it be safe and increase charging?

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Acer SWIFT 3 SF316-51 was advertised as notebook with " the fast-charge battery—with 4 hours use after just 30 minutes charge"

I've lost hours for looking a proper specification of USB-C charger for this laptop and have nothing. Regular AC adapter has following specification: 19 V and 3.24A so 65 W.

But - correct me if I'm wrong - if regular power adapter (bought together with notebook) has above specification and it charges at regular speed (subjective option ) so how could it be that USB-C adaper with the same specification allow for fast charing?

I recently bought phone with fast charging and I am amazed by it so naturally (for me) I DEMAND (😋) the same from my notebook.

Can I buy let's say… 90 W charger? Would it be safe and increase charging? One thing I know that voltage has to be the same so 19 V. And here is my another problem - There is none (or very poor choice) USB-C charger with 19 Voltage (there are plenty with 20 V). Is 20V safe for my notebook?

I'd be grateful for your anserw, since I feel complety lost.



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  • atechie
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    Yes, a USB 3 Power Delivery charger connected to the Type C connector of your notebook will safely charge it at 20 V.

    But, that laptop may only use 65 W, even if you attach a charger that can provide up to 90 W. During Power Delivery, the charger tells the device how much power it can provide and the device tells the charger how much power it can accept. If a device is designed to accept a maximum of 65 W (3.25 A at 20 V), that is the maximum the charger should provide.

  • AlexXXX
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    Well ok, thanks for clearing that up - 65 W is max in this case, but Im still confused when comes to fast charging. It supposed to be avaliable for my notebook,so how can I achieved it? Is there a way to contact with

  • Puraw
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    A 19.5V, 2.25A or 44 Watt USB-C charger is recommended by Acer for your Swift-3 model. No idea how fast that will charge but the battery should have at least 10% charge to work with a USB-C charger.

  • AlexXXX
    AlexXXX Member Posts: 6 New User
  • AlexXXX
    AlexXXX Member Posts: 6 New User

    Please note that you quote SF314 manual whereas I need information about SF316 (14' vs 16')

  • billsey
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    For your SF316-51 this is the USB-C spec:

    The standard power adapter has this spec:

    Fast charging requires the full 65W, which is provided by the standard power supply or with a USB-C power supply that provides [email protected]. Lower charging rates are handled on the USB-C with lower voltage options, you can actually charge slowly using 5V@3A. Note that the "Quick Charge support: Fast charge 30 minutes for 4 hours battery life" spec gives you 4 hours at really optimized conditions, just like the advertised battery length for the whole system.

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  • AlexXXX
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    Thank you very much!

    Although I don't understand why - the USB-C port charger I bought works better (faster) than standard AC adapter and I am very pleased with this result.

    The charger has following specification:

    65 W

    self-regulation output: 20V 3.25A, 20V 2.25A, 12V 3A, 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 15V 3A, 5V 2.4A, 18V 3A

    Thanks to all of you for your input!


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