Why is my 2021 Acer Nitro gaming laptop purchased 1 year ago suddenly laggy after power outage

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My son's laptop suddenly became laggy after a power outage last month. It came with Windows 11, which has been updated. We changed the PC power plan, updated the graphics driver, closed all background programs, stopped using skin effects and lowered in game graphic settings. He is still experiencing lagging both gaming and online.


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    Refresh the W11 system image and check the system files, disable the Startup apps in Startup tab Task Manager, Uninstall all 3rd party AV programs you don't need any of that with Windows Defender and clean up caches and Temp folders with Storage Sense, Type Storage Sense in Search bar and let it scan your drives, click on the Temp recycle bin (bottom) and let that scan, may find hundreds of GB old Windows update files like OldDos. Paste this line in the command Prompt (opened as administrator): Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and Enter.
    Then paste this in the same Command Prompt window: SFC /scannow and Enter.

    Both should end successfully, if not rerun till they complete OK, SFC may find corrupted files, run again till OK.

    Last to check is the state of your RAM, open Task Manager and look at the performance>Memory tab that should be <50% of your RAM capacity, Windows11 22H2 is using more resources than W10 and if you have a lot of programs running you may want to consider to replicate your DDR4 module (Dual Channel mode) if you still have a free DDR4 slot or increase the total RAM. Uninstalling a bunch of apps and programs will also help.

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    Check to see if your dGPU drivers got corrupted; you can do this by reinstalling dedicated GPU drivers. It could also be a case that the game is now running on iGPU (integrated GPU) instead.

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