keyboard and mouse stopped working on the model GWAP42424 GATEWAY all in one pc

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hi, My name is Sandy Lovejoy, on May 21st I had purchase an all in one personal computer from Walmart I would like to know why within 48 hours after i brought it both the keyboard and the mouse had stopped working however, the mouse Infrared light stays on but the keyboard seems to be dead completely no red lights appeared . my sister and had tried every battery know to man that we had in the house still nothing thank you for listening

sandy lovejoy

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    I am assuming that your Keyboard and mouse do not use USB RF receivers (small gadget that are inserted in the USB ports).

    Sounds like Blue Tooth is not turned on. Get an USB mouse and plug that in the correct USB 2.0 port (or if the mouse is USB 3.01 in one of the other USB ports). Type Bluetooth in the Windows11 Search Bar, turn on BT and check the list of other devices if you see your KB and Mouse. click detect after you turned on your KB and BT Mouse (small switch at the bottom). If still no luck uninstall the BT driver in Device manger and reboot.

    If the 2 devices are using USB RF receivers there may be a system problem (registry). Type Create a restore point in Search bar and select System restore in the top of that window, followed by a date, if there are no restore points available you can Reset this PC (without losing your files). Type Reset in the Search bar.

    Personally, I would contact Walmart Customer Services to complain or Gateway Support as your laptop is under warranty.

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    All support for those models is supposed to go through the Walmart support system, not through the Gateway support people.

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