nitro 640 Changing cpu fan is this possible or am i stuck with the stock one?

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Hello. I stupidly bought a new cpu fan for my nitro 640 without checking if i could swap cpu cooler or not.

is this possible or am i stuck with the stock one?

got an lga1700 cooler with pushpin connectors( bequiet pure rock slim 2) but the stock cpu cooler is attached with screws. is it possible to remove the old mounts so the pushpin connectors work or am i stuck with the underperforming stock cooler? or does anyone have tips on any other cpu cooler that works?

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    Yes, I changed the CPU cooler on my N50-640, but if you're using the original Acer case, you have to make sure your new CPU cooler will fit the small Acer case. You unscrew the stock CPU cooler, pull it off and clean off the old thermal paste with a towel and rubbing alchohol.

    Turn over the motherboard and you'll have to remove the BLACK Plastic bracket. It's stuck with double sided tape so use a bit of force.

    Use the LGA 1700 bracket that came with your new CPU cooler and follow their instructions.

  • jkpghylanjkpghylan Member Posts: 2 New User

    the cooler did not come with a bracket. should just be as simple as pushing the pins down in the holes.

    Thank you for the help.

    Did not feel like disassembling the pc for it to be glued on or something like that!

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