Acer Swift 3 SF313-53 power button not working


I got this laptop two years ago (so it's out of warranty) and recently I noticed having lots of issues powering on the laptop. Pressing the power button does absolutely nothing, holding it as well. I have to close/open the lid, press the power button like a dozen times and sometimes it starts up.

I then noticed that when the laptop is powered on, long pressing the power button does nothing at all, it's like the switch itself is dead.

Rest of the keyboard works fine, the backlit is working fine as well.

My thinking is that the hardware switch itself is faulty, is it easy to open up and check? It'd be kind of a shame having to throw a whole otherwise perfectly working laptop just because the power switch is dead. Or any workaround to starting up the laptop without the switch would be great as well.

Thank you!

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  • PurawPuraw Member Posts: 1,885 Community Aficionado

    It could be the power button switch or a keyboard cable connector. You can set your Power Button function to sleep in Power Plan (under Change what closing the lid does). Then reboot and press the power button to see if the sleep mode works, repeat it a few times, if no issues the power switch is fine.

    First try the power drain method and reseating the DDR4 modules (and the CMOS battery). Why did you set Closing the lid to Shutdown, Default is sleep? Next time in Windows, reset the Power Plan and select the Balanced plan, there may be power setting conflicts. Also reset BIOS to factory defaults, save on exit and reboot.

    Unplug the adapter, disconnect the battery from the motherboard and press the power button continuously (no toggle) for a full 2 minutes. Take out the CMOS coin battery (there may be a jumper to reset CMOS) and put it back in the housing. Release the DDR4 catch and reseat the DDR4 module(s). Push the catch down till you hear a loud click. Don't connect the battery yet but plug in the power adapter to see you can boot.

  • usernamefromquebecusernamefromquebec Member Posts: 2 New User

    Thanks @Puraw, very kind of you to answer quickly.

    Let me try all those steps this week and I'll report back with my findings.

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