How to fix my acer TMB311-31 Its not charging and its dead

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Its not charging and its dead i tired to watch some youtube videos and they been no help My model is TMB311-31

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  • StevenGen
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    Try to do a Hard Reset, by taking the back cover off, take the main battery out and disconnect the RTC/BIOS battery (see caption below) and also short the mobo pins red/black with tweezers or a paper clip.

    Leave everything disconnected for 15min and reconnect all components, reboot laptop and see if the laptop chargers.

    If it doesn't then it could be the USB board where the DC port is connected to, which the DC port could be faulty or the whole board is faulty,

    Also, check the battery condition and voltage and the charger/adaptor if it doesn't turn off after its plugged into the laptop, as chargers have a safety switch that turns the charger off if the laptops DC port is shorted or its charging circuitries are shorted. Check all these things out as a laptop not charging and its dead can be caused form numerous issues which in 99% of cases a user like you can't fix and needs to be taken to an experienced technician.

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    I assume you watched YouTube on another PC as your Travelmate won't boot anymore?

    If your laptop is >4 years old your battery may have died, open the laptop, disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard, close the back without screwing and plug in the power adapter. If you can boot to Windows10 now you need to replace your battery.

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    You don't really need to tear it all apart to do the battery reset. But you should first of all verify the charger itself is working. Does the charging light come on at all when it's plugged in? Do you have a different charger you can try? Yours uses a 19V 45W charger with the 3mm plug. If the charger is working then the next step is the battery reset. Shut the laptop off and disconnect everything, including the charger. Use a SIM tool or a bent paperclip to press and hold the reset for 15 seconds. Release the reset and wait for 15 minutes or so, then plug only the power back in. Wait for the battery indication to show blue, then turn it on and see if the issue is fixed.

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