N20C5 Acer aspire 5 running very hot

dryrain Member Posts: 3 New User

I have an Acer aspire n20c5 and up untill recently the laptop has been very good but now, even when loading up into windows and on chrome the computer fan is super loud and the pc is hot to the touch

the specs are

i5 1135g7


8gb ram


  • Puraw
    Puraw ACE, Member Posts: 4,989 Pathfinder

    When laptops get older they need to be serviced, probably the fan is full of dust and the heatsink will be plugged off at the inlet. Bring the laptop to a computer repair shop and ask them to clean it thoroughly, consider replacing the fan ($10) as fans lose cooling efficiency and become noisy after a couple of years. I recommend using Edge instead of Chrome. Update your Windows10 monthly you should now be on version 22H2.

  • StevenGen
    StevenGen ACE Posts: 8,340 Trailblazer

    Yes, you do need to maintain a laptop and keep its fans clean and replace the paste on the cpu/gpu (use Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut Extreme paste) every 12 months at least, its preferable to do it every 6 months if you’re in a hot climate and game allot. But and after you have done that, make sure that you maintain this laptops software to its latest updates. I've got an Aspire A515-57 12th Gen and you need to update the bios to the last A515-56 bios Version 1.34 1. Update VBIOS for N17-G3 to (be patient when you update bios, as it takes about 5 min to do and never ever disturb the bios update mid-way through, as if you do, you will brick your laptop) so be warned! that

    Also make sure that all Win-11 updates are done, and the latest NVidia MX450 driver is up to date and if you game on this laptop, install the NVidia GeForce Experience software and use this software for playing games and game settings, as doing all that will make your A515-56G perform to its best and will reduce temps considerably, also use a tablet cooler also, as that assist in lowering temps especially when playing games.

  • dryrain
    dryrain Member Posts: 3 New User

    thanks you guys I appreciate it. ya

  • dryrain
    dryrain Member Posts: 3 New User

    ive bought a cooler but the temperatures still remain at this and the fan is at full speed whilst this was taken

    is there a bigger heatsink i can fit because it does seem to be quite small.

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