ssd into acer 5735z ssd both are on windows 10



My daughters Hp laptop is damaged .Could i change the old hard drive of my 5735z and use her ssd both are on windows 10

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    Hi @WESTOVER they cannot be exchanged because although the operating system is the same, Windows 10, the problem is that both were installed under different hardware conditions and on computers from different manufacturers, this not only affects the drivers, but also the boot conditions Boot.

    Most likely when starting with the swap disk you will get an error or a blue screen and will not be able to boot.

    If the reason is to take advantage of the SSD of the damaged HP equipment in the Acer equipment, the disk would have to be erased, in any case I would like to consult the service manual to see if there is a possibility.

    What exactly do you have an Aspire 5735z or a TravelMate 5735z?

    Thank you.
    All the best.

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    Just some additional info for you, changing the Win-10 boot HDD from your either Aspire 5735Z or the TravelMate 5735Z (as you didn’t tell us which laptop it is?) remember that the Win-10 key is set to your Acer product and will conflict with the a HP product, as the HP is a totally different manufacturer, so be aware of this factor.

    Just as an example as I speak from experience of doing this, as I did change a 2.5” Samsung 850 EVO SSD SATA III boot drive with Win-10 Pro from an Acer Aspire 5750 laptop into an Acer Aspire V3-571G laptop and the Aspire 5750 2.5” SSD boot drive worked 100% and perfectly and it took about 5 min for it to update its appropriate drives within the new V3-571G laptop and afterwards the V3-571G worked perfectly.

    Due to your daughters laptop being a HP and a different manufacturer it could be different, if you have valuable data on the 5735Z HDD then I wouldn’t take the risk, as swapping a boot HDD you will damage the HDD data if it doesn’t work, as it won’t work in the 5735Z laptop again. If you don’t have valuable data, then give it a try as you could always reinstall Win-10 again, its up to you but I still think that the Win-10 key from an Acer product will not work in a HP product, that is your biggest hurdle. Good luck anyway😁

  • WESTOVERWESTOVER Member Posts: 9


    I thank you for your quick response I understand what you suggest and what could happen so i think i will just get a new SSD for my acer "5735z" to quicken it up for her Then i will use her HP SSD externally and try to harvest her data with one of those usb to ssd leads Your views on that please

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