Acer Predator X32FP: Screen Saver recommended?

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X32FP: Does the MiniLED suffer from bad effects if I do not use a Screen Saver after 5 mins of idle time? I did a search for this and found nothing relevant. So I'm just curious about my meager new investment. Just don't know what I'm getting into with MiniLED, so I decided to ask.

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  • Puraw
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    You don't need it. I never used a "Screen Saver" in my lifetime from Windows1-Window11, but that is just me😉

  • iSarge
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    Thanks for your comment. Appreciated.

    So, you as well, had Windows 1 up and running? Count me surprised. I remember I had it running when I was working at One Tampa City Center in downtown Tampa, FL - GTE Florida as it was known at the time. Fall/1984 I think. Lotus 1-2-3. dBase III, maybe even some Symphony at the time.

  • billsey
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    I actually liked to use Screen saver with the early versions of Windows, but in those days we used CRTs and screen burn in was a big problem.

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