My Nitro N50-610 is stuck in a bootloop, It says “please wait”, loads, “undoing changes”

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The PC starts up, beeps, shows the Acer logo and immediately shuts off. Before I had gotten to this state, I had put it into “recovery environment mode” or something akin to that. What caused all of this to begin with was me unplugging it during a full factory reset because my supposedly “tech” friend told me to unplug it because they assumed it was frozen at 14% during the Windows 10 installation, claiming that my PC would eventually get too hot and die. I am not sure what to do regarding BIOS, but it does not seem like I am able to do anything. Putting it into safe mode only goes back into the bootloop. It says “please wait”, loads, “undoing changes”, and then I’m right back where I started.

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  • Puraw
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    Can you still boot to BIOS with F2? Maybe your BIOS is till OK.

    If BIOS is OK, get (or borrow) a Windows10 USB2.0 recovery stick and plug that into the USB2.0 port. Power up your Desktop while pressing the F2 key and check the 2nd last page in BIOS, Boot Devices, if that USB stick is detected, move USB drive to the top of the list with the F5/F6 keys. Save settings on exit. Wait a few minutes and reboot, still with the USB stick in the same USB port. You should get a Blue screen now with the Troubleshoot menu, if you made a Windows7 image backup you can restore that now. Repair is useless as the drive has been reformatted. You could try to Reset this PC but I doubt that will work. This still proved that the basics and BIOS are functioning, and that you can clean install Windows10 with a bootable USB stick.

    A Clean install of W10 with a USB boot flash drive is the only solution.

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    Do you have valuable data on the N50-610 boot drive or have ypou got all your data on the slave drive? If you do then take the HDD out and have it recovered buy an expert Recovery Technician Only, don't take the drive to any technician that says that they can recover drives! Just my experience with recovering drives!

    If you don't have valuable data on the boot drive, then do a Clean Install of Win-10 and change the boot drive to a M.2 PCIe Gen 3 if its an M.2 SATA III and install Rufus 4.0 .exe standard Windows 64 bit to boot the Win-10 installation. But remember that, after you start the Win-10 installation, you also need to have the unzipped N50-610 "IRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) Driver Version:" driver on the same Win-10 installation USB so that you can completely delete and format the M.2 boot drive that is looping, when reinstalling Win-10. That is the best and simplest way to fix your looping problem with your N50-610 desktop. I would also go as far as changing the M.2 SSD boot drive to a new drive, as if its looping there must be something wrong with the M.2 drive also, changing it to a new one is a safe way of fixing everything.

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    There should be no issue with the BIOS, the problem is the Windows install is corrupted. As suggested the easiest fix is to reinstall Windows. If you have data that you absolutely don't want to lose, just copy it off using the command prompt in the repair mode from your install flash drive before doing the actual install.

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