X32FP - Monitor Speaker explosion noise in HDMI 2.1 and speedup audio play in Type-c.

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Hi, everyone. I am facing a problem with the X32FP monitor speakers.

I recently noticed that the speakers of X32FP will make random explosion noise with the HDMI 2.1 connections: when I play video and music, the speakers randomly make random explosion noise in 10 sec - 30 sec. However, the speaker is OK if I use the monitor to connect my NS switch with HDMI 2.

Meanwhile, when I use type-c to connect the monitor to my Macbook, when I set the Macbook audio output as the monitor, the video will automatically speed up, which is really wried. For this situation, please check the video.


  • JackE
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    The sound portion of your PC's HDMI signal output to the monitor speakers is somehow being interrupted. The cause might be either the PC's GPU, the HDMI cable, or the streaming content, not the monitor. Likewise, the MacBook signal output causes the speedup, not the monitor. The monitor is only an input signal device. Thus the monitor only reacts to whatever output signals it gets from the PC's HDMI port and the MacBook's type-c port.

    Jack E/NJ