application incompatibility problem windows 11 predator sense acer po3-630

jonathanellis1111 Member Posts: 2 New User

hi, about 2 months ago Microsoft asked me if I would like to change from windows 10 to windows 11 so I proceeded to download windows 11. After the install of windows 11 everything was fine (software wise) but recently I have had a problem due to my predator sense app ( the only way to change my fan speed) willl not boot so I uninstalled the application and proceeded to make my way to the acer drivers website to find out that my acer po3-630 doesn't support predator sense on windows 11 there is only an install for windows 10 which means i am now unable to change my fan speed on my computer causing my temps to increase. Please can the people at acer add an option to install predator sense on windows 11 as i am in a very sticky situation and i can't return to windows 10