Looking to Overclock my monitor [ acer predator XB323QK NV ] refresh rate from 144Hz to 280Hz

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What is the best way to achieve an OC with this monitor, is it possible through the setting on the monitor itself or will I have to use 3rd party software.
the retailer I noticed this feature specified said 280Hz was possible but they're the only ones that advertised it, I have found no discussion or article stating this capability.


any advice would be much appreciated.


  • johnKorea
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    edited May 2023

    ah yep, i had a go at using Nvidias control panel>Change resolution>customise to change the refresh rate, got discouraged because after boosting the refresh rate [by 10 or so) my screen turned black, but tried doing it again only increasing it by 1 frame per test, I'm glad to report i can boost my Hz from 144 to 145 without getting visual aids all over my screen, a huge success!

    bit disappointing as I bought this monitor to play e sports games at a high refresh rate, can't have it all I guess.

    will using Overclocking utility programs yield the same result?
    I'll test and find out

    what is a popular/good Overclocking program

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    Spec says it's a 144Hz monitor… I'm not sure why you think it could overclock that much over spec.

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