acer nitro 5 an515-57 Completely Freezing

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I bought acer nitro 5 an515-57 with i7 11800H 3050ti and 16gb ram 9 months ago. I had a problem with mother card and I sent it to warranty. Repair took more than one month. I have got my laptop few days ago and now I have a new problem. You know laptops don't use 3050 if they dont need. They usually use intel uhd graphics etc. But computer completely freezes 10 minutes after when I start use intel gpu or exit a game etc. My drivers are up to date. Are there anything I can do? Or I should sent it back to warranty.

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  • Puraw
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    You can try to control GeForce RTX 3050 with the NIVIDIA Graphics Control Panel application and select what programs will run with 3050, or priority is given to the integrated GPU (Intel UHD) or the GPU selection is set to automatic. The freezing is indicating a driver issue. I suggest that you uninstall the 2 Display drivers with DDU in Safe Mode, reboot and let W11 install new drivers. If that failed run DDU again in Safe Mode and let it search for stray (old) drivers in the Windows Driver Store, click all old display NVIDIA and Intel drivers found and remove, reboot and check in Device Manager if the 2 GPU drivers are installed and do not have a yellow exclamation mark, also check the hidden devices and expand all devices for the yellow problem marks.

    If still freezing occurs bring/send it back to Acer Services.

  • Zerhaki
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    I have done what you said, deleted intel and nvidia drivers one by one and installed by windows. UDD didn't failed so I didn't search stray drivers in the windows driver store. For now, my laptop didn't freeze or got blue screen. Should I update drivers on driver booster, it says they are not up to date.

  • Puraw
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    That is bad news: Video DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR: is caused by the GPU drivers/cards either Intel UHD, NIVIDIA or both. I don't know if you still can get to windows otherwise use Alt+F10 to get the Blue WindowsRE screen with the Troubleshoot menu, select Restart>F4 or 4>Safe Mode. In Safe Mode press the Widows key + R and type MSCONFIG and follow the steps in this MS article how to perform a Clean Boot.

    After booting (no need for Safe mode) you will have to restore some windows features with MSCONFIG (but check Base video in the Boot tab) as almost nothing will work, this takes patience and a lot of your time because if you enable everything at once you will crash again. Once you think you have sufficient control back in Windows and you can boot again (with bad graphics) and WIFI networking also works you should run DISM and SFC, Go online (WFI Internet) and paste this in the Command Prompt opened as administrator:

    Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

    If it does not complete after 1 hour, abort with Esc key and run it again till you get Successfully completed (you may have to restart the laptop if it keeps freezing). Then in the same command prompt paste this command:

    SFC /scannow (note the extra space after SFC). This may take 1 hour and probably finds corrupted files that cannot be repaired. Run SFC till you see "Found corrupted files that were repaired). Run SFC again till you get No integrity violations found.

    Now you are ready to delete the display drivers again in Safe Mode with DDU, but this time also remove old drivers. Don't reboot yet but press the Windows key + R and type MSCONFIG again to enable all Windows Services but click on the boot tab and check the Base video option (this will disable the GPU drivers). Leave the Startup apps disabled in Task Manager.

    Reboot and check for errors, if OK Windows Key + R and type MSCONFIG, remove the check mark for Base Video and enable Startup apps in Task Manager.

    If nothing works or you feel this gets too complicated, bring your laptop back and ask to check the GPU cards/drivers.😉

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