Acer Predator X27 - No Video failing to boot up and display any video. No HDMI/DP connected.

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Hello, I have an Acer X27 bought in 2018 ( that is now failing to boot up and display any video. No HDMI/DP connected.

If I plug in the power adapter, the monitor turns on, blue power LED, and there is one green LED that turns on and is followed by one red LED then turning on and the monitor fails to do anything. If I press the power button or any other buttons, nothing happen. To the monitor off I have to unplug the AC cable.

If I repeat the unplugging and re-plugging sometimes I can get the red LED to not turn on and the monitor will boot. It takes ALOT of retries though and seems to be getting worse.

This monitor has a fan and it does turn on it is indeed working.

Since the monitor is out of warranty, what can I do? I spend $1,000 + on this when it was released and its sad to see that only 5 years later its dying.

If I could figure out what the red LED means code wise on the mainboard that would help. I can replace the mainboard but thats $200 and may not work.

I found a service manual online for the monitor, but it does not have any information about what the RED led means. It just says to replace the mainboard if there is power and no video. Here is the service manual:

The mainboard is this:

Any help, thoughts, etc? 😕
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    You never get a display of the splash screen when you power it up?

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