My acer predator XB253Q Is now a 120hz monitor instead of a 240hz

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I have had my monitor for a while at 240hz and just recently the monitor's refresh rate came down to 120hz and i can't revert it back at 240hz.

I don't think it is a problem with my installed driver's as I have the most recent ones according to windows.

I have not changed anything in my setup that caused this change.


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    Sometimes a simple system restore will fix the issue.. 

    Try windows x
    click on power shell admin or command prompt admin 
    type rstrui
    chose an earlier date on which your computer was working fine  
    click on next, finish, yes
    It will restore your computer to an earlier date 
    if you get an message - system restore not completed - click on close 
    It will show you all the icons..
    Try and check whether it is working now ..

    If it is a software issue try the following the steps..

    Try windows x 
    go to device manager 
    expand display adapter
    right click on display driver - uninstall 
    Restart the computer 

    It should work fine.. 

    If it is still not working 
    Uninstall the display adapter from device manager 
    Don’t restart the computer. 
    Go to 
    chose your country 
    type snid or chose your model 
    go to drivers 
    Install the display driver 

    It should work fine.. 

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    Hello again,

    I have tried to type rstrui in my admin terminal but it appears that I have not made any previous restore points

    I tried uninstalling my display adapter and restarting but I still can't get 240hz to show up.

    And the Acer support website leads me to a page filled with html code so that didn't work aswell.

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    Hello, @William_mk2

    I have installed the latest driver and it says that the driver is already installed. Anyways the problem still remains persistant.

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    I have already made a post about this but the answers that I received didn't fix the problem.»>

    Please doesn't post multiple threads on the same problem. It will just delay resolution with repeat suggestions. Please stay on this original thread.

    Let's doublecheck restore point app via opening Control Panel. Search 'restore point'. Click 'create a restore point' Is System Protection turned on in the box that pops up?

    Jack E/NJ

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    Hey did you find a solution, the exact same thing happened to me

  • lvoo537
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    Hey i found a solution, i updated my Nvidia drivers and my monitor is back to normal