Next@Acer 2023 : Aspire Vero 15- Be Part of a More Sustainable Future

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  • 40% PCR chassis with cypress green design
  • 100% recyclable, reusable packaging
  • IntelEvo™ certified long battery life

Find out more about the new products we announced here.


  • proberto
    proberto Member Posts: 1 New User

    I was really interested in this product; it was supposed to be out in EMEA region in May but no news at this day. Is there any official release date for Europe?

  • Acer-Ingrid
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    Hello @proberto, thank for your comment. We do have it stated in the press release, but it will depend on your region. We recommend contacting the local store by selecting your country here:, you will be able to get more detailed information. We also encourage to follow the local social media, they usually post the news first.

  • Uddhav37
    Uddhav37 Member Posts: 4 New User

    I am not going for Acer again. Pathetic service and very very average laptops. I recommend everyone to not go for Acer.

  • StevenGen
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    edited July 2023

    Sorry to read your negative experience Uddhav37 with Acer, but in 99% of cases, its not the product that is the fault but its the user who uses the product and can't either solve the problem that he has created or can't be bothered to outline the problem for Acer to fix the problem. As Acer honors a products warranty always, btw, I've been using Acer products since 2007 and whatever problem(s) I've had, they were always solved and fixed. Please be courteous enough to outline what problems you have had, and not just be negative towards Acer, as this forum is here to help users and interact with user just like you to solve problems! Cheers Uddhav37 and happy Acer computing.

  • Shvitzer2000
    Shvitzer2000 Member Posts: 18 Troubleshooter

    can i put these batteries onto my Acer Aspire Vero gen1? If these laptops really are 'sustainable' it would be good to replace internals so they last beyond their 3 year designed obsolescence!

  • Theaceh
    Theaceh Member Posts: 1 New User

    Single DIMM emory is soldered on 2023 Vero model AV15-53, leaving no option to upgrade. Not something to do for a sustainable laptop. :-((

    Moreover, Iris Xe requires dual channel not to be downscaled to UHD according to Intel ( : "On the system with single-channel memory, Intel Iris Xe Graphics will function as Intel UHD Graphics.").

    So, is this greenwashing and misleading or is Iris Xe operational at full speed on a single DIMM?

  • MikaMysz
    MikaMysz Member Posts: 3 New User

    And what is it supposed to be?
    Another toy for toddlers?

    Let's start talking seriously about the future in the present.
    Will there ever be a laptop that will have at least five pieces of USB 3.2gen.2 in the traditional version?
    Will the restrictions on installing more RAM ever disappear?
    The processors support e.g. 64GB and the UEFI manufacturer limits it to 16GB?
    A sustainable future?
    But whose and for whom?

  • Dipster
    Dipster Member Posts: 4 New User

    I love the AV15-53P aspire Vero 15, shame that my keyboard has failed after 11 weeks.

    It's now sitting here broken 🙁

  • Cycleguy55
    Cycleguy55 Member Posts: 1 New User

    I have an Aspire Vero AV15-52-791N. Intel's specifications for the CPU indicate it supports up to 4 displays, but I can't find similar specifications for the Aspire Vero implementation.

    How many displays does the Vero support? Laptop display, 1 via HDMI, and 1 via USB-C? Other?