ACER Left laptop hinge disconnecting from screen What should I do about this issue

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Today when using my ACER laptop I tried readjusting my screen and it popped as the screen separated from the hinge. This tore the screen border away from the actual screen and now I'm scared to adjust it more up incase I end up breaking my laptop though it is fine when I have it tilted slightly downwards.

For months now I've had a small gap at the bottom but I never really thought much off it until today, while researching I did realise this was a frequent problem amoung ACER laptops. Does anybody have a fix for this? What should I do about this issue, right now my laptop is my only source of education outside of school so I cannot afford to loose it right now.

Thank you for any help :)

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    Happened to me too (left hinge when opening the laptop). I fixed it with lots of (thick) super glue but an epoxy adhesive would be much better for the polycarbonate frame: Open the lid, squirt or paste the glue inside the opening push everything back screw a small glue clamp over the lid and bottom of the frame and if the plastic long square hinge barrel also parted from the bottom metal lid, glue that and push a small furniture wedge between the barrel and the hinge (on the inside). I placed my laptop opened upside down on the table to dry, like a roof, between 2 book stands but be careful with thin superglue as that may flow down onto the panel surface and will ruin your screen, better wait a while till the glue has dried a bit when you try that, with epoxy compound no such flowing issues. I let everything dry 6 hours at least. You will not be able to close the lid anymore normally by lifting/pushing the top of the lid as the frame at the bottom will crack again (too much stress/force by the metal hinge inside the corners of the frame) but if you carefully close/open the lid with your thumbs and index fingers on the bottom corners of the frame and lid this will work OK when you need to travel but for everyday use at home better leave the lid open and use the F1 (Zzzz) key to put the laptop to sleep. This is a temporary solution that will last till you buy your new laptop after a year or so. Acer Services can replace the hinge and frame but that may take long and some money (and no guarantee that the hinge will crack again). Possibly a flaw in the hinge design of some of the low-mid range Acer 2020 era laptops, mind you I dropped my Aspire a515-54G a few time on a stone floor before my hinge/frame started this cracking😉

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    Just another suggestion as I've had many hinge fixing points break problems over the years with laptops and their flimsy fixing points, with metal threads inserts into their plastic fixing points mounts, that break or come away from their plastic casings. The best solution imo is to buy a new either top case or bottom case wherever this hinge has broken from and replace it with a new case! Gluing is not a permanent fix or solution, as laptops screen hinges apply a tremendous amount of force at their hinge and their fixing points, and if anything hot glue is the best glue to use, as you can apply allot of it and always reheat it up again and dislodge the glue from components that have been covered and are needed to be taken out, but it’s a very messy as hot glue adheres to everything very easily and it’s a messy fix.

    The best solution is to buy a top or bottom case and do the work of replacing all the components back as its the best solution, as gluing one side will eventually mean that the plastic has deteriorated and you will have to do the other side and this keeps going from bad to worse😁.

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    It looks like a hardware issue.

    If your laptop is in warranty you can contact the warranty dept.     Go to the website - chose your country.   On the new page - scroll down -  click on "contact support".  Scroll down.  You can find the phone no to contact the warranty dept. 

    If it is out of warranty, please contact local store or

    Go to the website - chose your country.   On the new page - scroll down -  Click on  "Repair My Acer" - Request to have your Acer product repaired.   There will be charges for repair. 

    Additional info to contact Acer Store:  Please visit the website - - chose your country - click on shop.   You can buy desktop, laptop, monitor and accessories.  Alternatively,  on the top right corner you can find the phone no to contact Acer store.   For the parts which are not available on Acer store, you have to contact local store.

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    Actually, a good repair using epoxy is often stronger than the original design, since you aren't as worried about the weight yoou can provide more support. Depending on the screw type and insert or just cured glue with a small drilled hole is best. The former when using a machine screw, the latter when using a self tapping screw.

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