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I've just recently bought an Acer aspire 7 last March 7, 2023. The problem is though it is recently bought I have observed that the battery of my laptop is draining faster than usual. The battery life of my laptop only lasts for 2 hours. And this is very inconvenient on my part. Can somebody please help me?

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    Yes, switch to Balanced Power Plan, don't use High Performance plan and disable some power hungry apps in Windows11 (see below), don't run games on battery only always use your power adapter when playing games. Right click on the battery icon on the right of the task bar and scroll to the "Battery Usage by app" section, see which program you don't need and uninstall. You can set to turn on the "battery Saver" when you get below 20% charge and run Troubleshooter "Power" to set the advanced power values to default.

    Keep a close eye on the Task Manager's performance (tab) CPU, RAM, WIFI and HDD when idle these should be all flat to zero usage. if any of these devices are higly active and you are not updating or playing videos you have Background programs running like AV or telemetrics like Office, Acer, Intel/Nvidia and Windows that you can all disable (browse the web), you don't need AV software, Windows11 Defender is the best AV and Anti malware program on the market.

    You should get 5 hours (4 if you stop at 10%) easily out of a 1 year old battery. Also create a battery report in windows to see how the battery holds its charge (should not drop the first 6 months) and how much the full charge capacity is and compares to the Designed Capacity. Type/paste in the Command Prompt the following line:

    powercfg /batteryreport /output %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\battery_report.html

    Open the "battery_report.html" file on your Desktop by double clicking.

    Finally: Make sure the dealer installed the corect battery, compare the battery code in Battery Report with compatible batteries offered on the web for your model, are the watt and voltage correct??

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    Since its your new laptop, i recommend you to check settings >system > power and battery > battery usage per app

    check if you find any app using more battery in background , if you find any kill that app or uninstall it.

    Hope it helps.

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