X32 FP -The sound from the built-in speakers is Muffled Sound

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The sound from the the built-in speakers is very muffled. They are connected through the NVIDIA HD Audio driver with a GeFeorce RTX 3060 TI Founders Edition GPU. Volume is at 100.

Any ideas on the problem?


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  • StevenGen
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    What laptop/desktop do you have the X32 FP connected to, as it could be the audio cable or the audio drivers on your PC that need refreshing, as there are many audio drivers that could be corrupted or its your actual monitor speakers that are faulty.

    Go to your PC and refresh the Realtek audio driver in Device Manager and all audio drivers like the Intel and NVidia like and with the steps below:

    Device Manager > Sound video and game controllers > Realtek audio > Properties > Driver > Update Driver > Browse my computer for drivers > Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer > then pick Realtek Audio, as that will refresh the audio driver

    Do this for all the Intel and Nvidia audio drivers also and see if this will fix the audio of your monitor, if it doesn’t then its either your PCs audio ports or the monitors audio ports or speakers.