Acer GD711 - Noisy coil on new projector

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This is what you get on brand new projector from Acer.

Premium Price for Poor quality electronics.

I've send it Acer service as this noise is very annoying...

Their reply was - it's fine and it doesn't restrict usage.

So think before buy , this [Content Removed]

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    I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    If your Acer projector is in warranty you can contact the warranty dept.     Go to the website - chose your country.   On the new page - scroll down -  click on "contact support".  Scroll down.  You can find the phone no to contact the warranty dept. 

    If it is out of warranty, please contact local store or

    Go to the website - chose your country.   On the new page - scroll down -  Click on  "Repair My Acer" - Request to have your Acer product repaired.   There will be charges for repair. 

    Additional info to contact Acer Store:  Please visit the website - - chose your country - click on shop.   You can buy desktop, laptop, monitor and accessories.  Alternatively,  on the top right corner you can find the phone no to contact Acer store.   For the parts which are not available on Acer store, you have to contact local store.

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    I am not an ACER employee
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    Hi @daveq13,

    I am very sorry to hear this, unfortunately, the Acer Community is not a direct portal to Customer service, the Acer Forum Discussions were designed as a peer to peer support community where Acer users help other Acer users. Many Acer employees (Moderators), read the various topics posted here and you will notice that some Acer employees interact with members when appropriate, primarily we want the community to be a place where members can exchange their own advice and ideas.

    Only your local support services can help you with this, the community is not an escalation channel, unfortunately.

    Note: This thread will be now closed.

    Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused you,



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