Sri Lanka Warranty Claim

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This is a common problem for all acer customers in Sri Lanka.

If a person in Sri Lanka buys a laptop acer from an online e-commerce platform (for example amazon), how can he get a warranty for it?

Is there a service station to make a warranty claim in Sri Lanka?


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    I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    Kindly go through the details from the link given below

    You can select your location and language. On the left side you can see Contact Acer. Click on it. You can find the phone no to contac them

    If you are not able to see your country on the list , please check with amazon or online store from where you have purchased. Please check whether you got local warranty or international warranty. If you purhcased the computer through store then please check with the local store.

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    I not able to see sri lanka on the list.

    There is an acer official online store in amazom. If I buy a laptop with it, will I get an international warranty or a local warranty? How can I claim the warranty when necessary?